Single Drawn vs Double Drawn

Episode 125 : What is Single Drawn Vs. Double Drawn Hair?

Episode 125: What is Double Drawn Hair?

By Rico


Helloo Ladies,

It has been a long time. Well I would like to discuss what is Single Drawn Hair Vs. Double Drawn Hair. I recently had this discussion with a client who had purchased some loose hair from AEOMH. She was not aware of the term Single drawn vs. double drawn. She wanted to know why weren’t all the hairs the exact same length. I explained that traditionally single drawn hair is normally fuller toward the weft or tip. This is how our natural hair grows, allowing for a more natural finish towards the ends of the hair. A normal 3.5-4 ounces of hair will be a mix of the length you desire (i.e. 8”, 10”, 12”, 16”, 18”, etc.) which would be 50% 22” and then a 50% mix of 16” and 18”. Thus is allowing for that natural finish that gradually tapers off. Now let me let you in on a little secret, single drawn hair is cheaper. But can made to appear just as full as double drawn hair by trimming it up towards the fuller part (sometimes ¼ to ½ of an inch approximately). This hair is great if loads of volume is not a priority. I am not saying it can’t be achieved with the help of a great mouse (Wella, Redken) and a great volume hairspray like Redken Triple Take 32 high hold.doublele drawn photo Single-Drawn-vs-Double-Drawn_zpsbfx88fm7.jpg

Now, here comes the crash course in understanding the term double drawn. When the hair is laid out for measuring after the hacking, the hair undergoes an additional process before the weft can be sewn. The shorter hairs are removed by hand and not by a sorting machine. The alternative is to cut the human hair at the ends, so that the fullness remains the same from the top to end and then the hair is sewn into the weft. This significantly increases the volume of the hair extensions and provides for a fuller body, and more glamorous appearance of the hair extensions.

 photo double drawn extension_zpsgp9iigvo.jpg

At the end of day let’s be honest about 2 things. #1 would be the budge you are working with. This is an investment and should have a considerable amount of thought and research, put into the decision. #2 would be finding a picture of the desired style and either consulting a licenses stylist for a recommendation on how to achieve a finished look. The best advice I can give is to buy quality hair from a source you have dealt with or has decent feedback from their buyers. Many sellers are passing off human hair that is mixed and won’t hold up.







hydrate hair

Episode 116 : How To Hydrate Your Hair Naturally?

hydrate hair

How to hydrate hair naturally.

Episode 116: How To Hydrate Dry Hair Naturally?

By Rebecca

I would like to show you how to hydrate dry hair naturally. Hair can become dry over time due to seasonal changes, pollution from the environment, and dietary changes. The first change would be to make sure you have a balanced diet including drinking at least 2 liters to a gallon of water per day. A vitamin regiment that includes Vitamins A, E, and biotin will help the keratin in the hair follicle. Please read another blog post entitled “Episode 113 : What Vitamins Help Grow Hair ?”. Certain foods can give you the days needed dose of fatty acids (avocadoes), silica (potatoes), and omega-3 (fish) will help with shine.

Now let me show you 3 natural hair masks that will quench the thirst of your dry brittle hair. These are pre-shampoo treatments that can be done prior to your normal shampoo regiments.

 photo Coconut-Oil-_zps8562341b.jpg

Coconut Hydration Mask
1. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
2. Shower cap
3. Hood Hair Dryer or Hand Blow Dryer
4. Paddle Brush

This method is really easy start with brushing hair to release any knots or tangles. Now flip hair starting from the back brush hair now take a quarter size amount coconut oil and begin massaging it into the scalp and working down to smoothing oil out to the tips of your hair. Repeating this step until the hair is completely saturated. You will work this oil throughout the hair making sure it is saturated and moist. Now take your shower cap and either sit under a hood dryer for a more deep conditioning treatment. Or you can just continue with your normal routine but allow it to sit for 15-20 minutes before rinsing. Now rinse out the oil with warm water. Begin normal shampoo routine and there is no limit to how often to use this so don’t feel like you have to ration to make good use. It is good to use as much a needed depending on dryness or as a weekly deep conditioner treatment.

 photo avocado-mask_zps37ce239a.jpg
Avocado Honey Olive Oil Hair Mask

1. 1 Large Ripe Avocado
2. 1 Tablespoon of Raw Honey
3. 1 Tablespoon of Olive Oil
4. 1 Bowl
5. 1 Spoon
6. Hood Dryer ( low setting optional)

Start by using a knife to cut and peel the avocado into four pieces. Then place the pieces into a bowl. Take the spoon and begin pressing the pieces of avocado into a puree. Making sure to smooth out all the lumps. Gradually stir in honey and olive oil. Proceed with a light rinse and while hair is wet begin massaging the mixture into the hair making sure that the hair is evenly coated throughout your entire head. Now you have 2 options, the first is to place hair under a shower cap and sit und the dryer for 30-45 minutes. The second is to place hair under a shower cap and sit without heat for 30-45 minutes. After the allotted time then proceed with normal shampoo routine.

 photo HE_coconut-milk_s4x3_lead_zpsc7668e7b.jpg

Coconut Milk Rinse
1. 1 Can of Coconut Milk
2. Shower Cap
3. Hood Dryer (optional)

This option is by far the easiest. Open a can of coconut milk and evenly distributed throughout your hair. Place hair under a shower cap for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Proceed with normal shampoo routine.

All of these deep conditioner hair masks are all natural with no chemical additives. I will be stopping by often to add more of these natural hair care remedies.


episode 111 how to remove chlorine from hair

Episode 111: How to remove chlorine or salt water from hair?

episode 111 how to remove chlorine from hair
episode 111 how to remove chlorine from hair

Episode 111: Episode 111: How to remove chlorine or salt water from hair?
By Rico

Hello everybody, I want to give a quick pre summer lesson in how to remove chlorine or salt water from hair. While summer has finally hit the SoCal area and I am tan and loving life to the fullest. Amazing what a free dose of vitamin D will due as a mood changer. I have been to the beach and felt it necessary to spread some early summer hair prevention love. So let me explain how to remove chlorine from your hair to keep it from becoming swamp thing green.

Let me explain what in the chlorine turns light color hair green and dehydrators the hair into a dry crispy frizzy mess. Actually it isn’t the chlorine chemical it’s self that turns lighter hair green. It is the oxidized metals that are in the water start clinging to the proteins in the hair shaft and deposit their discoloration. The metal that produces the green tint is copper. The bleach that is added the pool may be responsible for oxidizing the metal, but it’s not the cause of the discoloration. You can prevent copper from binding to the hair by sealing the hair cuticle before swimming. The same goes for the beach but slightly different. The salt in the water places the hair and shaft into a dehydration mode. Which means the salt has sucked whatever moisture out your hair leaving it a crispy mess. Then in both situations the sun does a beating on your hair the same way it does to your skin. Please protect, protect, protect your hair and skin.

List of things to prevent the green

1. Before jumping in rinse your hair with water. This will sort of block the chlorine from penetrating into the hairs dry hair shaft.

2. Applying a quarter size amount of your favorite conditioner will provide a light protective layer while in the pool.

3. Promptly rinsing hair after exiting the pool will remove some of the chlorine from sticking to the hairs shaft.

4. Now let’s mix 1/3 Apple Cider Vinegar in a spray bottle. Now let’s add in about a cup of water or if it is a small bottle just top the bottle off. Now shake to mix the ingredients. Apply mixture to scalp and start moving to the tips of the hair. It does not need to be dripping wet, just lightly saturated.

5. Now let’s make a baking soda paste take one cup or bowl and add ¼ cup of baking soda. Now mix in water until it becomes a pasty enough to apply to hair. (The mixture should be slightly soupy / slimy. No worries, there is not a wrong way to do this.)

6. Now that the baking soda mixture has been mixed let’s begin applying it to the scalp and smoothing it throughout the hair. Let the mixture sit on the scalp and hair for approximately 5 minutes.

7. Rinse thoroughly. This will elevate the chlorine and vinegar smell.

8. Now proceed with your normal shampoo and condition routine.




Episode 110 : Hair Brush School 101


Episode 110 : Hair Brush School 101

By Rico

Hi ladies and gents, we will be going over the do’s of hair bush school 101 which is important for creating that perfect style. As you know from Episode 109 : How to use a diffuser 101 I am a serial offender of Pinterest. I have been asked alot over the years about which hair brush do I need to reproduce a particular hair style. And explaining that all hair brushes are designed to do a different thing sometimes can be a hard sell. So I found another article from the ladies at The beauty department called hair brush school explaining which does a really good job at explaining how using the right hair brush can help achieve the right hair style. Using a specific hair brush can either help with detangling or assist with smoothing for that extra sleek look. Word to the wise, one hair brush can be ok but understanding that your tools can make the look is worth a million dollars when you step out looking right and feeling good.


 photo brushschool_zpsea95c458.jpg


Episode 109 : How to use your diffuser 101

devacurl defuuser

Episode 109 : How to use your diffuser 101

By Rico

While trolling Pinterest last night ( yes I am an addict, but hey it has a surplus of information in one spot.) I came across an article which explained how to use a diffuser effectively. I have received alot of emails on how to dry curly hair without losing the moisture but keeping the bouncy shiny curly hair. So I would like to share this amazing article from The Beauty Department about how to use a diffuser.

Love Rico

How to diffuse 101

Why use a diffuser:
decreases frizz
maximizes shine
defines curls/waves
highlights natural texture
adds volume
less damaging

How to use:

1. Tshirt dry your hair and spray some leave-in conditioner.

2. Attach a diffuser to your favorite hair dryer (ours is the Elchim).

3. Switch the temperature to low or cool, unless your using a diffuser for high heat.

4. In a circular motion, starting at the scalp, begin to use the diffuser. If the diffuser has fingers let them directly connect with your hair. If your diffuser doesn’t have fingers, gently cradle your hair in your hand.

5. Continue diffusing the hair towards your ends but bringing the hair in an upward motion toward your scalp as much as possible. If possible try to scoop with the diffuser and not your hands. Let the diffuser concentrate on each section for a few seconds to define the curls, but be mindful of the temperature.
Picking the right diffuser:

 photo the-beauty-department-diffusers_zpsec7f2897.jpg source:

Hair Dryers

1. Elchim USA Bidiffusore Diffuser: With 2 interchangable grills (known as a bi-diffuser) the Elchim diffuser is used with your hair dryer when it is on maximum heat, because you want super fast blow drying. It also comes with a rubber ring that allows it to fit on most dryers.

2. T3 Soft Touch 2 Diffuser: The first Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic diffuser, it delivers a high concentration of negative ions and far infrared heat to dry hair fast with minimal frizz and optimal shine.

3. Conair Pro Volumizing Diffuser
Mainly known for it’s volumizing effects but also is great for decreasing frizz, defining the curls and adding wave to practically strait hair. The unique shape helps to centralize the airflow and the rubber fingers work to separate/lift the hair at your roots. Fits almost every dryer.

4. DevaCurl DevaFuser Diffuser: For patient people only! This diffuser gently dries your hair while adding volume and defining the curls. The patented 360-degree airflow minimizes frizz. To use you dry each bulk section of your hair for a couple of minutes (holding that position solid) to set the curls while evaporating the moisture.

5. YS Park Ion Diffuser: Eliminates airflow and only allows heat to be released which eliminates frizz. The silver and titanium mesh on the front is nylon and creates negative ions. Helps alleviate static electricity and
greatly reduces blow drying time. Fits every dryer because it has a strap that is adjustable and secure so it doesn’t fall off. Great for traveling or to use in your gym bag.

6. Conair Pro Plimatic Mitt Diffuser: If you are just looking for a more gentle dry and frizz decreaser the Conair Pro Plimatic Mitt fits almost every dryer and is ideal for travel. Or if you just want to pop one into your gym bag if you shower there.

7. Belson MH2349 Mega Hot Long Fngr Diffuser: Ceramic disc base with Tourmaline, this 2-in-1 diffuser has a lift and switch tool for the styling fingers. Use them, or switch them back, to use the diffuser with a flat surface. Fits almost every dryer.

8. Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Universal Finger Diffuser: Using that famous nano-titanium technology (high, but even, infrared heat to allow for super fast drying) this diffuser brings out natural ions to seal cuticles to decrease frizz. Dome shaping is best for long hair. Fits almost every dryer.