episode 111 how to remove chlorine from hair

Episode 111: How to remove chlorine or salt water from hair?

episode 111 how to remove chlorine from hair

episode 111 how to remove chlorine from hair

Episode 111: Episode 111: How to remove chlorine or salt water from hair?
By Rico

Hello everybody, I want to give a quick pre summer lesson in how to remove chlorine or salt water from hair. While summer has finally hit the SoCal area and I am tan and loving life to the fullest. Amazing what a free dose of vitamin D will due as a mood changer. I have been to the beach and felt it necessary to spread some early summer hair prevention love. So let me explain how to remove chlorine from your hair to keep it from becoming swamp thing green.

Let me explain what in the chlorine turns light color hair green and dehydrators the hair into a dry crispy frizzy mess. Actually it isn’t the chlorine chemical it’s self that turns lighter hair green. It is the oxidized metals that are in the water start clinging to the proteins in the hair shaft and deposit their discoloration. The metal that produces the green tint is copper. The bleach that is added the pool may be responsible for oxidizing the metal, but it’s not the cause of the discoloration. You can prevent copper from binding to the hair by sealing the hair cuticle before swimming. The same goes for the beach but slightly different. The salt in the water places the hair and shaft into a dehydration mode. Which means the salt has sucked whatever moisture out your hair leaving it a crispy mess. Then in both situations the sun does a beating on your hair the same way it does to your skin. Please protect, protect, protect your hair and skin.

List of things to prevent the green

1. Before jumping in rinse your hair with water. This will sort of block the chlorine from penetrating into the hairs dry hair shaft.

2. Applying a quarter size amount of your favorite conditioner will provide a light protective layer while in the pool.

3. Promptly rinsing hair after exiting the pool will remove some of the chlorine from sticking to the hairs shaft.

4. Now let’s mix 1/3 Apple Cider Vinegar in a spray bottle. Now let’s add in about a cup of water or if it is a small bottle just top the bottle off. Now shake to mix the ingredients. Apply mixture to scalp and start moving to the tips of the hair. It does not need to be dripping wet, just lightly saturated.

5. Now let’s make a baking soda paste take one cup or bowl and add ¼ cup of baking soda. Now mix in water until it becomes a pasty enough to apply to hair. (The mixture should be slightly soupy / slimy. No worries, there is not a wrong way to do this.)

6. Now that the baking soda mixture has been mixed let’s begin applying it to the scalp and smoothing it throughout the hair. Let the mixture sit on the scalp and hair for approximately 5 minutes.

7. Rinse thoroughly. This will elevate the chlorine and vinegar smell.

8. Now proceed with your normal shampoo and condition routine.