Episode 110 : Hair Brush School 101


Episode 110 : Hair Brush School 101

By Rico

Hi ladies and gents, we will be going over the do’s of hair bush school 101 which is important for creating that perfect style. As you know from Episode 109 : How to use a diffuser 101 I am a serial offender of Pinterest. I have been asked alot over the years about which hair brush do I need to reproduce a particular hair style. And explaining that all hair brushes are designed to do a different thing sometimes can be a hard sell. So I found another article from the ladies at The beauty department called hair brush school explaining which does a really good job at explaining how using the right hair brush can help achieve the right hair style. Using a specific hair brush can either help with detangling or assist with smoothing for that extra sleek look. Word to the wise, one hair brush can be ok but understanding that your tools can make the look is worth a million dollars when you step out looking right and feeling good.


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source: http://thebeautydepartment.com/


Episode 109 : How to use your diffuser 101

devacurl defuuser

Episode 109 : How to use your diffuser 101

By Rico

While trolling Pinterest last night ( yes I am an addict, but hey it has a surplus of information in one spot.) I came across an article which explained how to use a diffuser effectively. I have received alot of emails on how to dry curly hair without losing the moisture but keeping the bouncy shiny curly hair. So I would like to share this amazing article from The Beauty Department about how to use a diffuser.

Love Rico

How to diffuse 101

Why use a diffuser:
decreases frizz
maximizes shine
defines curls/waves
highlights natural texture
adds volume
less damaging

How to use:

1. Tshirt dry your hair and spray some leave-in conditioner.

2. Attach a diffuser to your favorite hair dryer (ours is the Elchim).

3. Switch the temperature to low or cool, unless your using a diffuser for high heat.

4. In a circular motion, starting at the scalp, begin to use the diffuser. If the diffuser has fingers let them directly connect with your hair. If your diffuser doesn’t have fingers, gently cradle your hair in your hand.

5. Continue diffusing the hair towards your ends but bringing the hair in an upward motion toward your scalp as much as possible. If possible try to scoop with the diffuser and not your hands. Let the diffuser concentrate on each section for a few seconds to define the curls, but be mindful of the temperature.
Picking the right diffuser:

 photo the-beauty-department-diffusers_zpsec7f2897.jpg source: http://thebeautydepartment.com/

Hair Dryers

1. Elchim USA Bidiffusore Diffuser: With 2 interchangable grills (known as a bi-diffuser) the Elchim diffuser is used with your hair dryer when it is on maximum heat, because you want super fast blow drying. It also comes with a rubber ring that allows it to fit on most dryers.

2. T3 Soft Touch 2 Diffuser: The first Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic diffuser, it delivers a high concentration of negative ions and far infrared heat to dry hair fast with minimal frizz and optimal shine.

3. Conair Pro Volumizing Diffuser
Mainly known for it’s volumizing effects but also is great for decreasing frizz, defining the curls and adding wave to practically strait hair. The unique shape helps to centralize the airflow and the rubber fingers work to separate/lift the hair at your roots. Fits almost every dryer.

4. DevaCurl DevaFuser Diffuser: For patient people only! This diffuser gently dries your hair while adding volume and defining the curls. The patented 360-degree airflow minimizes frizz. To use you dry each bulk section of your hair for a couple of minutes (holding that position solid) to set the curls while evaporating the moisture.

5. YS Park Ion Diffuser: Eliminates airflow and only allows heat to be released which eliminates frizz. The silver and titanium mesh on the front is nylon and creates negative ions. Helps alleviate static electricity and
greatly reduces blow drying time. Fits every dryer because it has a strap that is adjustable and secure so it doesn’t fall off. Great for traveling or to use in your gym bag.

6. Conair Pro Plimatic Mitt Diffuser: If you are just looking for a more gentle dry and frizz decreaser the Conair Pro Plimatic Mitt fits almost every dryer and is ideal for travel. Or if you just want to pop one into your gym bag if you shower there.

7. Belson MH2349 Mega Hot Long Fngr Diffuser: Ceramic disc base with Tourmaline, this 2-in-1 diffuser has a lift and switch tool for the styling fingers. Use them, or switch them back, to use the diffuser with a flat surface. Fits almost every dryer.

8. Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Universal Finger Diffuser: Using that famous nano-titanium technology (high, but even, infrared heat to allow for super fast drying) this diffuser brings out natural ions to seal cuticles to decrease frizz. Dome shaping is best for long hair. Fits almost every dryer.


Episode 104: How to choose a hair dryer

Hair_Technic_Dryer_all eyes on me hairEpisode 104: How to choose a hair dryer

By Rico


The crazy idea that the hotter the hair dryer will get the quicker it will dry my hair, wrong! Understanding what you use to dry your hair can either help or kill it quick. Let’s take the time to understand some key components when choosing a hair dryer. I came across this tutorial online and it explained in detail the differences in what a good vs. bad hair dryer can do to hair over time.


The Heating Element:

•     Cheap hair dryers normally use metal or plastic heating elements that burn with intense and uneven heat. Essentially, they dry your hair by cooking the water out of it – literally boiling it off.

•     If you don’t take great pains to protect your hair, prolonged blow drying will make it grow brittle and eventually break, as your hair can’t stand up to being flash-fried on a regular basis. Even products that protect against heat damage can’t hold up to this kind of heat for long.

•     With high-end hair dryers, ceramic heating is the standard. Ceramic has remarkable properties of heat conduction – which you may know, because modern space heaters and similar home technology tend to use ceramic.

•     This is because ceramic produces “far infrared heat” which is radiant – it penetrates the hair shaft safely, instead of heating from the outside in. This also explains why ceramic flat irons & curling irons are the choice of professionals.

•     Ceramic, which can be infused with tourmaline or other elements, produces a gentle heat that means ceramic heating is safer – ceramic space heaters won’t catch things on fire the way metal ones are prone to do, and ceramic hair dryers won’t blast your hair with harmful energy.


“Ionic” drying:

•     Cheap hair dryers that use metal or plastic elements diffuse positive ions that cause the (normally neutral) cuticle covering of the hair shaft to open, causing frizz and dull appearance.

•     Ionic hair dryers produce negatively charged ions, which cause the cuticle to remain flat, “trapping” moisture, eliminating frizz and giving hair more body



•     Tourmaline was recently introduced to the hair science for its incredible capability to generate negative ions. With more negative ions, a hair dryer can dry faster (up to 70%) for unbelievably sleeker, shiny hair.

•     Tourmaline hair dryers can be combined with tourmaline treated brushes or other heat styling tools like tourmaline flat irons to add to the shiny, sleek effect.



•        While wattage varies among hair dryers, we always recommend something 1300 watts or above (unless a travel hair dryer). All of our professional hair dryers fit this category. Wattage directly affects how fast your hair dries (higher watts = more time to snooze in the morning).


•        Plus, they dry hair faster than regular dryers and leave it shinier and smoother. This is because they don’t “cook” your hair dry like the old metal or plastic coils did – they actually break down water molecules in your hair instead. Ionic dryers also banish the static electricity that results in a flyaway mess of hair.=Ceramic charges ions negatively – to an extent – but combining it with other



  • We recommend a hair dryer with multiple speed settings (standard on professional hair dryers).


  • Separate heat settings are also a plus; if your hair is only damp, use cooler settings.


Cool Shot options available on most hair dryers create a blast of cool air which is useful when setting finished styles – you can use it to dry finishing sprays or similar setting products.



Many people look for hair dryers that say they produce “low EMFs”, or electromagnetic fields. The old traditional dryers produce EMFs at levels considered potentially dangerous for prolonged use, while today’s professional quality dryers generally produce very low amounts – this is safer for you and also friendlier to the environment.


Information cited from http://www.misikko.com/best-hair-dryer.html. Check out salon tools at All Eyes On Me Hair https://alleyesonmehair.com/product-category/salon-tools/