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hair-ladyAll Eyes On Me Hair has a strong belief that quality human hair extensions should be a luxury available to all persons. You should not be guessing about the quality of the hair you receive. You should have the peace of mind knowing that I have the very best that there is. We are a human hair importer and distributor located in the US. Our vendors are from different regions all over the world such as Turkey, Russia, Malaysia, Brazil, and India. We have taken the time to test all our vendors. We pride ourselves on only dealing with 100% human hair, no synthetic, no mix, no fibers, no animal hairs. We wear the hair that we sell so we are not selling anything that we as women would not wear. We assure you that we are able to ship worldwide and will go above and beyond to ensure a luxurious experience. We deal with only high quality hair that’s our 100% guarantee to you.