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peruvian hair

Episode 125 : What is Single Drawn Vs. Double Drawn Hair?

Episode 125: What is Double Drawn Hair? By Rico   Helloo Ladies, It has been a long time. Well I would like to discuss what is Single Drawn Hair Vs. Double Drawn Hair. I recently had this discussion with a client who had purchased [...]

Episode 120 : What Is Keratin Glue ?

Episode 120: What Is Keratin Glue? By Trish I wanted to briefly explain what is keratin glue? A subject that is not really talked about to often, because let’s be honest once the hair extension is in; you feel beautiful so who cares right. [...]

Episode 102: How to choose a ph level shampoo?

Episode 102: How to choose a Ph level shampoo? By Rico Let’s attack the number one subject how do you pick the right Ph level shampoo for your hair or hair extensions? Understanding what kind of hair you have? Most Asian, Indian, and Peruvian [...]

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