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Episode 116 : How To Hydrate Your Hair Naturally?

How to hydrate hair naturally. Episode 116: How To Hydrate Dry Hair Naturally? By Rebecca I would like to show you how to hydrate dry hair naturally. Hair can become dry over time due to seasonal changes, pollution from the environment, and [...]

Episode 114: What Is Keratin?

What Is Keratin By Rebecca Hi, my name is Rebecca and I will be explaining exactly what is keratin. This is how Webster’s defines keratin: ker·a·tin ˈkerəˌtin/ noun noun: keratin; plural noun: keratins a fibrous protein forming the main structural constituent of [...]

Episode 113 : What Vitamins Help Grow Hair ?

What vitamins are best for hair growth? Episode 113: What Vitamins Help Grow Hair ? By Akira Hey everybody! We will be talking about what are the best vitamins for hair growth. Now I had mentioned in “Episode 112: Why Should You [...]

Episode 112: Why Should You Trim Your Hair! Episode 112: Why Should You Trim Your Hair! By Akira Hello everybody! Before I explain why should you should trim your hair, let me introduce myself. My name is Akira and this is my first post to the site and I [...]

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