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Episode 112: Why Should You Trim Your Hair!
By Akira

Hello everybody! Before I explain why should you should trim your hair, let me introduce myself. My name is Akira and this is my first post to the site and I am hyped (all love). Today we will be discussing why should you trim your hair? Let’s tackle the first myth, all length is not healthy hair. Let me explain, I began this journey growing my hair out 3 years ago. I will explain where I failed and why it happened.

I began by growing my natural hair out by going by a no heat no chemical agents (relaxers). Now my regiment on a weekly basis or as needed (workouts, swimming,) I would begin by washing my hair with a hydrating or moisturizing shampoo (such as Joico Moisture Recovery Shampoo). Then I would air dry my hair and then braid it up in a beehive (a circular cornrow around my head). Then I would oil my scalp daily or every other day as needed to keep my scalp hydrated. I would repeat this process every 90 days, for the next 3 years. Now when I finally decided that I had reached my desired length, which was down my back near my lower bra strap. I decided that I would straighten it out wear it in a long hairstyle. Now let me explain my first issue, I was not following my shampoo regiment with a equally good conditioner (Joico K-Pak Intense Hydrator Conditioner). So my hair was starving for some additional hydration that it was not receiving from my shampoo and oil treatments. The next was I was not consistently trimming my split ends. Even though my hair was in a protective hairstyle it was not being properly cared for. So therefore I ended up with about 3 inches of dead hair that ended up needing to be cut. I was hurt but I learned a huge lesson that even though you have reached your desired length it really matters about the condition of the hair you have grown out.

Most stylist will tell you that regular trims grow your hair, but here is the whole story. When your ends begin to split and become severely damaged from continued styling and climate changes amongst other outside factors (swimming, sun exposure, dehydration, etc.). The splitting starts at the tips and travels up the hair shaft causing breakage to the hair. This is the cause of those frayed nasty flyaway’s and the appearance of unhealthy brittle damaged hair.

Understanding that hair grows at a rate of a half a inch per month. Now when you look at diet (dark green vegetables) and vitamins (Spring Valley Biotin 10,000 mcg with Keratin 100 mg) those factors can contribute to accelerated growth or slow it to a nonexistent crawl. Breakage will give the appearance of thinning hair. When growing hair longer do not forego trims thinking you are keeping the length that you have worked so hard for intact. Understand that to control normal breakage you need a trim regiment that is 8 to 12 weeks. By maintaining a scheduled cycle with trimming the ends of your hair you should be able gain naturally about 4 inches per year. Or with adding a healthy diet and adding a regiment of taking Biotin (I am currently taking about 10,000 mcg of Biotin with 100 mg of keratin http://www.walmart.com/ip/Spring-Valley-Biotin-Tablets-10-000mcg-60-count/ ) you should notice and overall accelerated growth in hair and nails. So overall trimming your hair can help in keeping the breakage at bay so that new growth has a chance to grow to a healthy length. Please keep hope that your hair will always continue to grow so there is always a start over with a better understanding of how to properly care for it in the next go around.