Episode 107: How to naturally thicken up your hair

hairoilhairgreaseEpisode 107: How to naturally thicken up your hair

By Rico

Hello Ladies and Gents. I want to talk about some natural ways to thicken up your locks. Thinning can be caused from a number of different sources. Some include but are not limited to stress, medication, a lack of vitamins due to a change in diet. Please don’t leave out the pollutes in the air do attach themselves to your hair creating a nasty layer of dirt that can eventually sink into your hair and follicle . Which can slow your hair growth cycle down to a non-existence shedding crawl pace. Lets talk about some no no’s I know we are all guilty of using items that use pore clogging substance like mineral oils, petroleum, sulfates. I think many confuse greasy oily with hydra ration. That is a misconception that is slowing the scalps natural hair growth and natural hair oils. These heavy petroleum base products have loads of synthetic products that most people can’t pronounce. People don’t even realize that this is blocking your body from being able to eliminate toxins that body is trying to get out it’s system. Don’t get me wrong these mineral oil products will give you the illusion that your hair is growing, but if you actually get off the mineral oil crack you will notice that your hairs own natural oils will start thickening up your roots. The look and feel of your hair will completely amaze you. Now I have come across some natural refined hair oils that your hair loves and will flourish when fed these particular oil types. Believe me your body will appreciate it and your hair will love it.

Love Rico

Natural Oils

Emu Oil
Lavender Oil
Argan Oil
Yiang Yiang Oil
Sunflower Seed Oil
Camellia Oil
Rosemary Oil
Cedar wood Oil
Thyme Oil
Yarrow Oil
Jojoba Oil
Peppermint Oil
Burdock Root Oil
Stinging Nettle Oil