Episode 105: How to use dry shampoo

Express Dry Dry Wash - Waterless Shampoo By- Paul MitchellEpisode 105: How to use dry shampoo

By Rico

Many hairstylists and dermatologists have began the campaign that supports the theory that washing your hair too much can strip away healthy natural oils and lead to dry, damaged hair. Dry shampoo has been gaining popularity because many dermatologist and beauty experts recommend washing your hair less frequently to keep hair shiny and healthy. Dry shampoo can be used in between washes if you’re trying to lengthen the life of your hairstyle or blow-out.

So dry shampoo is a dry substance that cleans your hair without the use of water. Dry shampoos work by absorbing oil from your scalp and hair, and making it look and feel like freshly washed hair. The ingredients in the spray-type of dry shampoos are usually a mixture of aerosol agents, powder substances, absorbing agents, solvents, conditioning agents and fragrance. It is not meant to take the place of regularly washing your hair with water, but to serve as a means of lengthening time between washes or to use in a time crutch. The max limit that the dry shampoo should be used is 2-3 times before fully washing hair.

Dry shampoos usually come in the form of an actual powder (hence baby powder or cornstarch substance), a liquid that comes from a pump dispenser, or an aerosol spray. Whichever one you choose, please pay attention to the color of the actual product due the white residue that can be left after using some dry shampoo products please use a agent close to you hairs natural color. i

If you have dark colored hair you can rest assure that you will not see little sprinkles of white particles. As the product is applied please allow a couple of minutes (2-4 minutes) for the product to activate and began absorbing the oils in the hairs root. You can apply the product directly to the scalp by separating the hair into sections. The product doesn’t coat the hair with a thick powdery substance. This product will lock onto excess oils on the root of the hair and absorb oils quickly. After brushing the product fully through the body of the hair. Begin to style as normal. You will start to notice the bounce and liveliness reappear to limp oily hair.  Please make note that you are suppose to hold the can 6-8 inches from hair to spray a lite mist over the scalp. Most clients make the mistake of holding the can like it’s a styling spray or oil sheen and spraying it too much, too closely to the hairs scalp. This process is meant to clean the oils from the scalp shaft to give life and body back to the hair quickly.

There are also natural alternatives to the commercial brand dry shampoos, which often contain many chemicals to aid the absorbing process, you can buy organic dry shampoos as well, which are made from all-natural ingredients.


 Things to remember if using dry shampoo

  1. Hold spray at least 6-8 inches away from the roots.
  2. Do not spray on damp or wet hair.
  3.  Wait about 2-4 minutes before styling. Please don’t panic when you see a white substance appear. Allow time to absorb on to hairs root. Please note you must comb through hair and began styling with a comb, blow dryer, or flat iron.
  4. Dry shampoo can be used on the roots and ends to give added volume and depth to the texture of the hair.
  5. Do not worry if product gets on the mid-shaft. This will aid in more volume, decreasing the feel of fine lifeless hair.
  6. What is the difference between spray and powder dry shampoos? Both do the same thing: soak up excess oil.  The force of the spray of powder helps aid is absorbing oil. However the powder version, you don’t have to deal with the lite fragrance odors. The use of the powder version is good for those that have serve allergies to airborne particles and certain fragrances.
  7.  Please limit the use of any dry shampoo agent to 2-3 times in between washes.
  8. The hairs natural oils from your scalp will soon start to weigh down your hair, giving it a heavy greasy look. Dry shampoo is great for all hair types. Women of color can benefit from using a dry shampoo to extend the life of the hair in between salon visits. It helps aide in the drying of heavy natural oils that start to weigh down. This is a way to decrease the amount of natural oils being absorbed into the body of the hair without taking out the natural oils that the scalp needs.


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